Follow guidelines before drilling borewells, says Collector

The Supreme Court has issued certain guidelines to be followed for drilling borewells in order to stop fatal accidents because of unsafe ones. Hence, those who want to drill borewells should get permission, said Collector S. Nagarajan.

According to him, as per the guidelines, before taking up digging or repairing of borewell/ tubewell, owners must inform at least 15 days in advance to the collector, to the urban or rural local bodies concerned and with the Department of Ground Water or Public Health.

All borewell or tubewell drilling agencies functioning in Kanyakumrari district (government or semi government or private) should get registered with the municipality or town panchayat concerned or with the panchayat offices.

While drilling borewell or tubewell, signboards with details of landowner and drilling agency should be set up near the site.

Cement or concrete platform should be erected 0.30 metre above and below the ground level around the well. The well should be closed properly with steel cap and even when taking up any repair work.

After the completion of works, the pits near the borewell should be filled with mud or gravel. Abandoned borwells should be filled with materials.

On completion of drilling, ground conditions should be restored just like before the start of drilling. Details of borewells, wells, abandoned borewells and unclosed borewells in district or block or panchayat level should be maintained in district level. In panchayat and town panchayat level, the executive officers, agriculture department officials, junior engineer, and officials of the PWD, health and the municipality concerned should monitor the borewells and maintain data.

If a borewell or tubewell was ‘abandoned’ at any stage, a certificate from the department of Ground Water or Public Health or Municipal Corporation or Private contractor concerned must be obtained by the aforesaid agencies that the ‘abandoned’ borewell or tubewell was properly filled up to the ground level, said the collector.