Focus on non-conventional energy resources

K. Muthuchelian, Head and Chairperson, Schoolof Energy, Environment and Natural Resources, Madurai Kamaraj University, speaking at a seminar in Tuticorin on Thursday.Photo: N. Rajesh  

Non-conventional energy resources must be tapped to meet the growing demand for electricity, said K. Muthuchelian, Head and Chairperson, School of Energy, Environment and Natural Resources, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai.

Renewable energy could be derived from natural processes, which could also be replenished constantly, he said while addressing a University Grants Commission-sponsored seminar organised by the Department of Zoology at V.O. Chidambaram College here on Thursday.

Dr. Muthuchelian said solar energy has the greatest potential among the sources of renewable energy. Solar energy could be generated amply owing to constant weather in most parts of Tamil Nadu especially in southern districts, where the atmosphere is hot with more than 300 sunny days.

While coal, oil and natural resources had been declining gradually, solar energy is emerging as the constant trend nowadays to tap ample source of energy.

“About 40 per cent of global energy consumption is estimated to be in the building sector. Currently, India is experiencing more construction activities due to growing urbanisation, thereby the energy demand is increasing rapidly. A green building minimizes the demand on fossil fuel-based energy and maximises the process of recycling ad reusing to promote the concept of renewable energy”, Dr. Muthuchelian added.

Biomass resources were also abundantly available in India and the Ministry had estimated about 17,000 mw of power could be generated from agro-residues covering agriculture and forestry residues, excluding energy plantation on waste land and bagasse available in sugar mills, he said.


C.E. Sooria Moorthy, former Professor, School of Energy, Madurai Kamaraj University, said that nanotechnology was fast emerging and all people could tap energy domestically through solar cells. Hydrogen could also be used as fuel and this concept would emerge strong in the coming days, Dr. Moorthy said.

Earlier, C. Veerabahu, Principal, welcomed the gathering. J. Edwin, Head, Department of Zoology, faculty members and students from various colleges attended the seminar.