Focus on hygiene as fishing harbour gets a makeover

Infrastructure facilities are being enhanced at a cost of Rs.12 crore

A slew of infrastructure developments are taking place at the Tuticorin fishing harbour, all aimed at ensuring hygienic handling of fishes and providing various facilities to the stakeholders in the fishing industry.

Facilities including enhanced berthing of fishing fleets, drainage, road infrastructure, lighting arrangements, drinking water and other basic facilities are under way at a cost of Rs.12 crore under the aegis of the National Fisheries Development Board.

Besides, the harbour would come under security cover with the installation of surveillance cameras, said Collector Ashish Kumar, who has formed a Fishing Harbour Management Committee to oversee the new developments.

Four security personnel and five sanitary workers have been deputed at the harbour. Platforms in the auction halls have been raised to ward off water stagnation. Plans are also afoot to have a police outpost and first aid care at the harbour.

The committee, comprising the Collector, Joint Director of Fisheries R.Amal Xavier, Assistant Director of Fishing Harbour Prabavathi, Assistant Director of Fisheries (Marine) P.Pradeep Kumar and others, is also contemplating revision of entry fee for the vehicles that enter the harbour for transporting seafood.

Assistant Executive Engineer (Fishing Harbour Subdivision) S.Gangadharan said the project, which commenced four months ago, was scheduled to be completed in 18 months. Over 500 metres along the wharf would be reinforced by a concrete structure.

An effluent treatment plant was also being set up in the harbour and this would treat the drainage in the area.

This was said to be the first of its kind among the fishing harbours in the State, the Collector said here on Sunday.

Besides the existing auction hall, one more hall was also being built. Two large-size garbage containers would be set up.

Top priority was being accorded to maintain the quality of seafood so as to meet international standards, the Collector added.

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