Fishing festival: residents throw caution to winds in Villupuram village

Hundreds of residents from over 30 villages gathered at the Kalpattu tank near here on Thursday, to participate in the annual fishing festival — throwing all norms of physical distancing to the winds.

A video of the festival showed local residents from Kalpattu, Nathamedu and surrounding villages entering the tank and jostling with each other to get their catch for a sumptuous meal. Local residents did not consider the lockdown orders in force, did not maintain physical distancing and did not wear masks.

As per custom, a large number of fishlings are released into the tank, which is under the control of the Public Works Department. The fishes are caught and cooked by the villagers after a considerable period of growth.

Accordingly, an announcement was made about the fishing festival on Wednesday. In keeping with the tradition, hundreds of villagers entered the tank with nets, hooks and cloths to catch the fish. On receiving information, police personnel rushed to the spot and sent the residents away.

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