Fire Services Dept. steps up prevention drive

COIMBATORE, AUG. 1. The Fire Prevention Wing of the Fire and Rescue Services Department has stepped up its fire prevention drive following the Kumbakonam fire accident that claimed the lives of 94 school children recently.

Under the directions of the Deputy Director of Fire Services, Western Region, V. Madurapandian, the wing had been organising drills to educate people and has taken steps to inspect structures and premises that are vulnerable to fire accidents.

Educating staff

A team led by the Divisional Fire Officer, N. Priya, and the Additional-Divisional Fire Officer, Subramanian, conducted mock fire drills in a number of establishments educating the staff on fire fighting and the steps that need to be taken to protect the lives. The exercise of conducting drills would be sustained over a period of time with a view to cover more premises and offices, Ms. Priya said.

On Friday, a drill was held at the Police Recruit School on Avanashi Road aimed at educating the police recruit. It also focussed on training the police personnel on the supplementary role and back-up assistance that was required from them in handling an emergency. The constables were briefed on the precautions that need to be taken up in permitting parking of vehicles since fuel in a number of parked vehicles was likely aggravate a fire.

Thatched roofs

The conditions under which thatched roofs could be allowed were also explained to the policemen. They were also trained on the need for keeping the entry points and approach roads free from on-lookers and traffic to enable the fire tenders and water tankers to reach the spot without any loss of time.

The crucial role to be played by the police in handling agitated victims and in keeping the curious onlookers at bay for enabling the fire-fighting work to progress without any hitch was also stressed.

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