Film festival begins today

Staff Reporter

CHENNAI: A two-day film festival is to be held at the MGR Film and TV Institute from Thursday.

It will feature award-winning documentary films of the Films Division on Indian cinema on both days. The films to be screened on Thursday are `I am 100 years young' directed by D. Gautam, `Through a Lens Starkly' directed by K.L. Khandpur, `Flash Back' by Shyam Benagal and `In search of Excellence' by director Raghu Krisha.

On Friday, `Frame within the Frame', which tells the story of Indian cinema will be screened. Shyam Benagal directs `Satyajit Ray', a face-to-face encounter with the popular director. `A View Point' by director Yash Chodhary, depicting the history of international film festivals in India, will be among the documentaries to be screened.

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