`Fever in Virudhunagar not leptospirosis'

MADURAI, MARCH 3. The investigation of blood samples from 44 persons of Thottiyankulan in Virudhunagar district for `suspected leptospirosis' has shown `negative' results at the Institute of Microbiology, Madurai Medical College. Tests will be done again after obtaining second samples. As of now, it has been concluded by doctors that the "Virudhunagar fever is not leptospirosis at this stage of the tests".

According to Health department sources, the reports have concluded that both the animal and human samples have shown `negative' for the disease. However, the Institute has now asked for a new batch of blood samples to carry out a second examination "as sometimes it takes 10 days for leptospirosis to be detected in blood tests."

About 44 persons, including five children, were suffering from fever, body pain and vomiting and the local health authorities on February 24 said it was "suspected leptospirosis." The samples were sent to the Madurai Medical College for detailed examination.