Fermented wash seized

CHENNAI NOV. 6. About 10,000 litres of fermented wash, a little over 1,000 litres of illicitly distilled arrack and earthen pots kept for the trade were seized during prohibition raids conducted in various parts of Chengalpattu East Police district. Sixty persons, including 22 women, were arrested.

The police said the raids were conducted at Tiruneermalai, Anakaputhur, Pozhichalur, Kundrathur, Veechur and Vellivasal, near Ennore.

Three two-wheelers used by the traders were seized.

Fatal fall

A 21-year-old youth was killed in a freak mishap near Tirunindravur on Wednesday.

The police said Dhanapal was travelling in the cabin of a lorry and was sitting close to the left door. While the vehicle was in motion, the door suddenly opened and he fell down. He came under the rear wheels.