‘Farook’s atheism not reason for murder’

Dravidar Viduthalai Kazhagam functionary Farook’s murder on March 16 had nothing to do with Islam and it was wrong to blame Muslim organisations, representatives of Coimbatore District United Jamaath and Federation of All Organisations said here on Monday.

Addressing journalists, M.A. Inaiyathullah, district general secretary, Coimbatore District Sunnath Jamaath, K. Raja Hussain of Popular Front of India, and E. Ummar, State general secretary, Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam, said that Farook’s atheist ideology and his reported stand against Islam was not of concern of Islamic organisations, for they believed in divergence of opinion.

They believed in each one following his or her path as that was what Islam preached.

Even if that path was contrary to the tenets of the religion, they would not approve of murder. All Islamic organisations condemned the murder and wanted the police investigating the crime to find the perpetrators at the earliest.

But even before the motive for the murder could be established it was quite unfortunate that in social and main stream media it was being alleged that Islamic organisations were behind the murder. Though the two persons who had surrendered in the case were Muslims, the criminal acts of a few individuals should not be construed as acts of the community or Islamic organisations.


The organisations had planned financial assistance for Farook’s family and had also planned reformative action for Muslim youth who had deviated from the path shown by Islam.