Farming operations gather momentum in Perambalur

Rain expected to perk up the sector

Agricultural operations have picked up in Perambalur and Ariyalur districts with widespread rain because of northeast monsoon. “This rain is useful to crops raised in the two districts,” said agriculture department officials.

V. Alagirisamy, Joint Director of Agriculture, Perambalur district, said that cotton and maize cultivation was over in 70 per cent of the area. Cotton had been raised on 36,000 hectares of land. The crop was expected on an additional 1,000 hectares of land. Maize had been raised on 21,000 hectares of land.

Another 20,000 hectares would be covered. Onion has been raised on 7,000 hectares. Sowing of onion bulbs was on in full swing. “The rain is most beneficial to crops,” he said.

A.R. Gunasekaran, Joint Director of Agriculture, Ariyalur district, said that maize had been raised on 9,700 hectares of land, cotton on 11,500 hectares of land, sugarcane on 9,000 hectares of land, and paddy on 7,100 hectares of land. Rainfall recorded in Ariyalur district till 8 a.m. on Sunday: Jayamkondam recorded the maximum of 27 mm of rain followed by Senthurai which recorded 24 mm, Thirumanur 7.2 mm, and Ariyalur 7 mm.

Rainfall recorded in Perambalur district: Perambalur 12 mm, Padalur 12 mm, Veppanthattai and Thazhuthalai six mm each, and Chettikulam two mm, and Veppanthattai six mm.

Raja Chidambaram, State Secretary, Thamizhaga Vivasayigal Sangam, said that present rain was beneficial to rain-fed crops such as cotton and maize. If it intensifies, it will help recharge of groundwater.

Farmers have raised vegetables such as pumpkin and ash gourd. The rain will help vegetables also.

The wet spell is expected to help sowing of onion bulbs which is in full swing

Farmers have raised vegetables such as pumpkin and ash gourd

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