Falling farm incomes

The article, `Falling farm incomes, growing inequities,' (Nov. 18) has exposed the skewed nature of the Indian planning phenomenon and the threat posed by the widening rich-poor divide. What the country can ill afford at this time is letting 65 per cent of the population watch with awe as the remaining 35 per cent arrogate to themselves almost the full budget, make rapid strides, fatten their pay packets, purses, and bank balances. National development can only happen when the whole population marches ahead as a whole. George Easaw, Ponda, Goa

The article statistically reveals the pathetic state of the agriculture sector. Agriculture, the lifeline of a nation, is indispensable for national development in general and societal transformation in particular. It is the bounden duty of a state like ours to harness the available resources to provide employment, education, health, and social justice for the farm population.

B.S. Selvakumar, Vellore, T.N.

Farm incomes have come down, resulting in suffering and poverty for agrarian families throughout the country. Many villages have become impoverished leading to suicides. This is mainly because the input costs have gone up drastically.

K. Meghanatha Reddy, Sullurpeta, A.P.

The need is not just increasing the amount of money used for agriculture but optimising its use by educating the farmer. All should help the Government in its efforts to strengthen the agriculture base.

Vikas Sahota, Patiala, Punjab