Fake currency seized, 2 held

Staff Reporter

CHENNAI: : The North Beach police arrested two persons and seized fake currencies of 500 rupee denominations from them at Parry's Corner on Saturday.

Police said a vehicle check was conducted along the stretch and, on suspicion, stopped two men on a motorcycle. A search of their luggage led to the seizure.

Initially, the duo, M. Kumar (30) of Hospital Road, T.Nagar, the rider, was unable to account for the cash. P. Rajagopal (35) of Ramanathapuram district, who was on the pillion, too could not explain the source of the money.

Police said the notes when checked under ultra-violet light, were found to be fake. The arrested persons said they were on their way to Mannadi.

Police are searching for the person who gave them the notes. They have traced the place he is believed to be operating from.

Three held

A special team of the Elephant Gate police arrested three persons in Midnapur, on Friday. The arrested were given 3.9 kg of gold by a jeweller, Praveen Kumar, who has a jewellery shop on NSC Bose Road, George Town.

The victim had given the gold to Sammer Kultai, Chatruhan Kultai, Lakhan Kultai, Amar Kultai and their nephew, Bapai Surjeeth about 10 days ago for making jewellery. After receiving it, they wanted time to return it as jewellery. Praveen Kumar grew suspicious and went to the house where the accused were staying. He was told that they had vacated it.

He filed a complaint with the police, who arrested Sammer Kultai, Chatruhan Kultai and Bapai Surjeeth.

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