Facelift planned for Vattakottai

NAGERCOIL, OCT. 23. The Government has decided to give a facelift to Vattakottai near Kanyakumari, to attract foreign and domestic tourists.

The Department of Tourism has allotted Rs. 25 lakhs for providing infrastructure. The works will be completed at the earliest.

The district administration has allotted Rs. 2.50 lakhs to provide potable water to tourists and the people living in and around Vattakottai.

Vattakottai, a granite fort, 6 km northeast of Kanyakumari, forms the terminal of the lines of ramparts, known as the South Travancore lines, built by Marthanda Varma to serve as a defence for Nanjil Nadu. It is rectangular in shape and covers an area of three-and-a-half acres. The fort is enclosed by walls 25-foot high, including the parapet, 29-foot thick at the front, 18 foot at the corners and 6 foot in the rear.

The portion running into the area was built under the orders of De Lannoy during the reign of Marthanda Varma (1729 - 58), the king of erstwhile Travancore State. About 1810 A.D., the British forces, under the command of St. Leger, marched into Nanjil Nadu, through the Aramboly pass, and demolished the defence lines.

The small river running beside the fort, and the green vegetation all around, add to the scenery of the fort, and it has become a picnic centre.

The district administration had been allotting adequate funds for the development of Vattakottai. It has been decided to set up a children's park at Vattakottai, so that the locals, with their children, can enjoy the weekends. While undertaking development works, the beauty of the fort and its surroundings will be preserved, the Collector, Rajesh Lakhoni, said.

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