Extended Vellore Corporation to have 60 divisions

The Vellore Corporation, whose jurisdiction has been extended by merging the nearby 17 local bodies following its upgrade into a Corporation with effect from August 1, 2008, would have 60 divisions (as against 48 wards when it was a municipality) and four ward committees, each comprising 15 divisions.

The G.O. No.107 of the Municipal Administration and Water Supply Department, dated August 19, 2011, containing the details of the reorganisation of the wards into divisions following the extension of the jurisdiction of the Corporation, and which was published in the Tamil Nadu Government Gazette of the same date, was tabled in the urgent meeting of the Vellore Corporation Council held here on Monday. The Council passed a resolution approving the decision.

As per the reorganisation, the ward committee-1 would comprise divisions one to 15, ward committee-2 divisions 16 to 30, ward committee-3 divisions 31 to 45 and ward committee-4 divisions 46 to 60. Ward committee-1 would function in the existing office of the Tharapadavedu Municipality, ward committee-2 in the office of the Sathuvachari Municipality, ward committee-3 in the Old Vellore Corporation building and ward committee-4 in the existing Shenbakkam Town Panchayat office.

Ayub Khan (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam), member of the 46th ward requested Mayor of Vellore P. Karthikeyan, who presided over the meeting, to locate the ward committee-4 office in the Old Corporation Building in Vellore instead of in the Shenbakkam Town Panchayat office since the Old Corporation Building was easily accessible to the residents of the new divisions which encompass the villages of Ariyoor and Chitheri, the town panchayats of Thorappadi and Allapuram, besides the areas of Kaspa and Ramanaickenpalayam coming under the existing Vellore Corporation limits. The residents of these areas would find it difficult to go to the Shenbakkam Town Panchayat office, he said. Mr. Karthikeyan said that the Corporation would consider his request.

Several councillors urged the need to repair the roads damaged by the digging of trenches for the under ground drainage scheme (UGS) in different parts of Vellore. P.P. Jayaprakash (Congress) said that pregnant women had to a face lot of hardships on account of the jerking of the vehicles because of the damaged condition of the roads in Saidapet area when they go to the Maternity and Child Welfare Centre in Saidapet for the routine check-up or delivery. N.A. Balasundaram (Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam) said that the damage caused to the roads because of the digging of trenches for UGS caused hindrance to the free flow of traffic in his ward. Balaji (DMK), councillor of the 27th ward, said that the roads in his ward have been badly damaged because of the UGS. All the councillors wanted the road to be repaired immediately.

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