`Extend deadline for crop insurance premium'

NAGAPATTINAM, OCT.11 . Farmers in the Cauvery delta region have urged the Government to extend the time limit for paying crop insurance premium to November 30 to those farmers, who had not secured loans from cooperatives and commercial banks.

K. G. Krishnamoorthy, vice-president of composite Thanjavur District Farmers Association said farmers were entitled to have their crops insured by paying a premium of two per cent of the total cost of cultivation.

As per the national agricultural insurance scheme, the premium would be deducted from loans of farmers, who got loans from primary agricultural cooperative banks and commercial banks on or before November 30 every year.

But farmers, who could not get loans or avail themselves of loans from commercial banks or cooperatives, should have paid the premium before September 30 directly through the respective PACBs with all particulars including the total extent of the land and expenses incurred towards cost of cultivation.

Mr. Krishnamoorthy said a large number of farmers did not pay the premium before September 30 since they anticipated that they would get crop loan in time.

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