Exercise restraint

Obviously the community panchayat of Muzaffarnagar, and later the Darul Uloom Deoband, acted in haste in Imrana's case. At the same time, the media should avoid blowing it out of proportions. The Muslim community being a minority is apt to feel it is under siege when such adverse stories are given too much publicity.

P.K. Shabbir Ahmed, Chennai

* * *

The coverage given to the Imrana episode betrays a disproportionate interest among the print and electronic media in reporting the travails of a Muslim woman and blaming Muslim Personal Law for them. In a country where scores of women are consigned to flames for the sake of dowry, dozens are worshipped for dying on the pyre of their husbands, thousands of female foetuses are destroyed, is it appropriate to blow out of proportion a freak incident in a community of 15 crore people?

Usman Ghani, Chennai

* * *

It is a pity that the fatwa is not sympathetic to, but is sceptical of, the claims of the victim. Does a woman have to be punished to prevent any father-in-law from being exposed in future?

Anurag Rai, Lucknow

* * *

The controversy is reminiscent of the situation that prevailed after the Supreme Court's verdict in the Shah Bano case. How many more years are we going to waste debating such biased fatwas in the name of religion?

S.R. Muralidharan, Kolkata

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