Excise exemption for concentrated milk welcomed

MADURAI, OCT.11. Hailing the Union Finance Minister, P. Chidambaram, for providing an excise exemption to concentrated milk the Tamil Nadu Chamber of Commerce and Industry said the move would help to dispatch the milk from surplus areas to deficit areas without excise burden.

It would also benefit the consumers. Transforming pure milk into concentrated form and transporting it to the deficit areas would be the only scientific way to maintain the price and quality of milk, the chamber president, S. Rethinavelu, said.

In a statement issued here recently, he said India was the largest producer of milk in the world and Tamil Nadu topped the list among the States.

The quantum of milk was not uniform throughout the year and hence it was essential that items of daily consumption such as milk should be rushed from the surplus to deficit areas to help milk farmers, who were forced to drain milk for want of buyers.

The excise duty had been a stumbling block forcing the milk producers to opt for milk concentration.

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