Ex-servicemen seek review of quota norms

Staff Reporter

KOZHIKODE: The new stipulations in the reservation quota for admission to professional courses in the State are detrimental to the interests of the kith and kin of ex-service personnel, it has been pointed out.

N.P. Pradeep Kumar, an ex-serviceman, who lost his legs and fingers of his right hand at Siachen Glacier during `Operation Meghdoot' and has since retired from the Army, said that according to the revised order, which came into effect in December 2004, the three reservation categories had got merged into one Defence Quota (DQ).

The result is that the quota eligible to DK (Defence personnel killed/disabled/missing in action) has been denied to their kin in admission to medical/engineering colleges, as per the prospectus published in 2005.

This quota has been merged with that of general ex-servicemen (XS-Ex-Serviceman), those serving in the Army (SD-Serving Defence Personnel) and has been categorised as DQ (Defence Quota). The ex-servicemen have urged the Government to review the decision and restore the reservation which their kin are eligible for.

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