Enumeration soon for fresh issue of ration cards

Pondicherry April 15 . The Directorate of Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs in Pondicherry proposes to take up a door-to-door enumeration for fresh issue of the ration cards. An official source said here recently that there was a common impression that ineligible families were given the red colour ration cards meant for `below poverty line' category. There was also a criticism that eligible persons were issued yellow cards (non-BPL category).

Door-to-door enumeration had not been taken up since 1995 in the Union Territory.

Once the enumeration was done all discrepancies in availability of the cards would be rectified.

The Civil Supplies authorities issued circulars clarifying that the cards were meant for obtaining ration commodities and they should not be treated as evidence to get government assistance under any welfare scheme.

``This clarification has been mentioned clearly in the ration cards'', the source said. Other government departments should not insist on production of the cards in the future for any assistance. Eligibility for the welfare schemes' benefits should be ascertained on the basis of the guidelines the departments were given.

The total number of families given ration cards under different categories as on February this year: red colour cards issued to 96,064 families, 1,73,492 families were brought under yellow cards while green cards were given to 4,939 families.

Eligibility raised

The administration has also raised the income eligibility to claim categorisation under the BPL from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 24,000 a year after taking into account the existing cost of living and other factors.

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