Employment offices play HRD role

CUDDALORE, MARCH 17 . Employment offices have morphed into human resource development centres from a recruiting mechanism for the government.

Though there is a ban on recruitment for government jobs, the employment office registers are getting bulkier with every day, indicating the unshakable faith of prospective candidates in them.

The employment offices have re-oriented themselves to the changing needs, and are exploring various avenues and improving the skills of candidates to suit the present day requirements. They have sought to do this in three ways: equipping the candidates through the study circles for the competitive examinations; tying up with private concerns for job creations; and creating awareness of self-help ventures.

In the Tiruchi region, comprising Tiruchi, Thanjavur, Pudukottai, Karur, Nagapattinam, Thiruvarur, Villupuram, Cuddalore and Perambalur districts, a total of 9.10 lakh candidates are in the registers, according to A. Latha, Regional Deputy Director of Employment, Tiruchi.

Ms. Latha, who visited Cuddalore to inspect the study circles, told The Hindu today that it would be apt to term the employment offices as the "empowerment offices" because of their multifarious roles.

To cope with the volume of work, the employment offices were computerised and the candidates issued computerised identification cards. The Study Circles were equipped with books, costing thousands of rupees, for competitive examinations. Computers were also being provided in phases with financial assistance from non-governmental and service organisations. Ms. Latha said that last year two candidates from Villupuram made it to the civil services. Three got through the main examinations this year. For the Scheduled Caste/Tribe candidates attending the coaching classes, a honorarium of Rs. 10 each was being given.

The District Employment Officer, A. Krishnamurthi, said the study circles were set up in all 13 panchayat unions. The Regional Deputy Director inspected two of these at Bhuvanagiri and Keerapalayam.

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