Elaborate security arrangements at Sabarimala

Staff Reporter

PATHANAMTHITTA: The police have made elaborate security arrangements at Sabarimala between December 5 and 7 in view of the anniversary of the Babri Masjid demolition on December 6.

The police special officer at the Sannidhanam, A.R. Ajithkumar, said on Thursday that transportation of goods on pack donkeys would not be allowed during these days.

Security check

All devotees coming to the Sannidhanam through the Saramkuthi path, Chandranandan Road and the Uppupara route will be subjected to security check on the temple premises.

They will be allowed to carry only the `irumudikettu' while climbing the holy steps. They should not open the irumudikettu or break the ghee-filled coconut at the temple Sopanam.

The ghee-collection vessel on the temple premises will be temporarily shifted to the flyover leading to Malikappuram.

Vessel for offerings

He said the `hundi' connected to the conveyor belt at the Sopanam would be closed during the period and the devotees should make their offerings in a collection vessel placed near the Thidappally.

Those who did not carry the irumudikettu could enter the temple premises through the northern gate and the Sopanam through the flyover during these days.


Pilgrims will not be allowed to throw coins and other offerings into the sanctum sanctorum.

Mr Ajithkumar said that nobody would be allowed to enter the temple premises after its closure on December 5 and 6. Pilgrims would be discouraged from staying long at the Sannidhanam on these days.