Economic growth

Aravind Kesavan,


* * *

Sir, — It is futile to compare India with China. The greatest problem with Indian policy makers is that they have not been able to devise a strategy suitable to Indian circumstances.

Earlier we were told to follow the strategies of the erstwhile USSR. Now we are being told to look at what China has been doing. The neo-liberal economic policies have not made the expected impact on our economy. The need of the hour is to build a strategy of development for ourselves.

Pradeep Kumar B.,

Ernakulam, Kerala

* * *

Sir, — Yes, statistics show that India is far behind China. But in China the Government's decisions cannot be challenged. The Supreme Court ruled against the oil majors' sale. Something similar will not happen in China.

M. Srinivas,


* * *

Sir, — What is the authenticity of the social sector indicators of China? Economic growth is bound to be slow in India when the concerns of the weakest sections of society are also given due recognition.

Siddhartha Patnaik,

New Delhi

* * *

Sir, — The authors have not taken the Chinese political system into consideration. India is a democracy with a multiparty system. Moreover, the reforms started in China much before they did here.

V. Venkatraman,

Madurai, T.N.

* * *

Sir, — Growing unemployment, soaring prices, commercialisation of education and health services, and widening economic disparity. India is under severe stress worsened by political degeneration, corruption and helplessness of the masses. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar's observation while presenting the draft of the Constitution to the Constituent Assembly is relevant even today. He said, "we have equality in politics and inequality in social and economic life. We must remove this contradiction ... or else, those who suffer from inequality will blow up the structure of political democracy ... "

M. Govindaswamy,


* * *

Sir, — Experts and commentators have been hailing the advent of India as an emerging superpower, a force that cannot be ignored on the global stage. The pronounced upswing of the stock market indices, hardly a reliable indicator, is perceived as a sign of increased confidence in India. Whose confidence are we yearning for?

Anand Srinivasan,


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