Early poll on plank of naxal issue: TDP

HYDERABAD NOV. 13. The political resolution seeking a fresh mandate for the Telugu Desam, adopted at its `mini mahanadu' here on Thursday, echoed the party's preference to go to the people on the plank of meeting the naxalite challenge "with fresh support from the people."

The resolution, moved by the Home Minister and TDP Politburo member, T. Devender Goud, accused opposition parties, especially the Congress(I), of adopting a politically opportunistic stand instead of lending a helping hand to the Government in tackling the extremist menace.

The militant activity of the underground naxalites had reached such a level, it noted, that they had even dared an attempt on the life of the Chief Minister, N. Chandrababu Naidu. But Opposition parties refused to admit the "gravity of the situation" and persisted with the demand for a dialogue. They had no concern for the lives being taken by naxalites and preferred to view the menace as "the headache of the Government alone."

The TDP had the mandate to continue in power, but was not interested in doing so when the State was hit by naxalite activity.

Asserting that the extremist violence had emerged as the main hurdle to the development agenda being pursued by the TDP, the resolution made it clear that it was not a problem of the ruling party alone but that of the entire State and could be resolved only with the support of the people. The resolution reiterated the TDP's charge that Opposition parties had all along adopted a "negative, uncooperative and opportunistic" stand on the problem, forcing it to go to the people and seek their endorsement of a programme to tackle the menace.

The two-page resolution was devoted mostly to the naxalite issue and the way the outlawed People's War targeted people's representatives making a mockery of the democratic system. It denounced in strong terms the attitude of all the Opposition parties which, it said, were turning a blind eye to the left wing extremism spreading its tentacles in the State. It regretted that when the State was burning, Opposition parties were advocating truce and dialogue. The Government had a moral responsibility to combat anarchic forces, it said.

The resolution recalled that the ban on the People's War was first imposed by the Congress Government but it now took a diametrically opposite stand when the TDP Government was constrained to grapple with a more severe situation. The Telugu Desam Parliamentary Party leader, K. Yerran Naidu, and the RTC Chairman and Allagadda MLA, Bhooma Sobha Nagi Reddy, and others spoke on the resolution.