Dynamic action

Sir, — Sports lovers will agree with every word of your Editorial `Soccer as Samba' (July 2). The final between Germany and Brazil was not merely a clash of two different styles but between passive planning and dynamic action, machine-like efficiency and inspiration, heroic defence and aggressive attack. It is a victory of human spirit over obstacles. Ronaldo was not, as any one can observe, 100 per cent fit. Still he managed to score two goals and lift the World Cup for Brazil. Truly, for sports in general, this is the year of victory for the unexpected and the unfancied teams. The early exit of the former champions in Wimbledon and this World Cup will certify this. Some of the super stars of soccer were rejected by their coaches. Other famous players looked just average, for example, Hakan Sukur who scored the fastest goal in the last match, his only goal.

M.R.Sridharan, Kanpur

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