Dumping of construction materials mounts problem

TROUBLE: A concrete mixer stationed on a service lane beneath the Thennur road over-bridge. Photo: R.M. Rajarathinam  

S. Ganesan

Many builders in the city flout rules with impunity Many builders in the city flout rules with impunity

TIRUCHI: Dumping of building materials on roadsides has become a common practice in the city as the civic authorities continue to a turn a blind eye to the persistent problem.

Though the Corporation has prohibited dumping of construction material on the roadsides, many builders flout the rules with impunity.

The Corporation rules provide not only for levy of fines but also confiscation of the materials.

Obviously, tardy enforcement of the rules have emboldened builders who do not mind even carrying out the preparatory works such as mixing of concrete right on the roads.

Builders resort to such practice in several parts of the city, most notably in places such as Thillai Nagar, Woraiyur and Srirangam, where space is at a premium.

Recent instance

A recent instance has been the blocking of the service lane beneath the Thennur road overbridge by a private builder. A concrete mixing unit was placed right on the lane, effectively blocking the road throughout the day on Wednesday.

Truck loads of sand and bricks are being dumped on the lane regularly for the construction activity.

With the office of the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board located off the lane, motorists had a tough time negotiating the road.

The area is also a school zone and the safety of hundreds of students commuting through the lane has been endangered, local residents point out.