Don't fuss, its jus' a skin-deep problem

T. Saravanan

MADURAI: Ask teenagers what their most `pressing' problem is. Pat will come the reply: "pimples." Though it is prevalent among teenagers, this is a problem that pervades all age groups.

Moreover, many, in their effort to find a solution to this predicament, ruin their faces, applying sub-standard cosmetics. Some of them approach the cosmetologist for laser treatment and finally end up losing their skin texture. Further, the quality of the existing skin diagnostic systems also leaves a lot to be desired. The growing number of beauty parlours and exorbitant prices of cosmetics are enough indication to point the importance accorded by the public to skin care. For all of them who are bothered with these problems, the Real time Dermatology Diagnostic System will be able to provide the right answer. This system is able to predict skin deficiencies through its reliable diagnosis.

"As an all-inclusive skin condition analysis and client management solution, the purpose of this system is to deliver intelligent signature recognition software to reveal the value and benefit of dermatological and aesthetic treatments and services," explains Raj Chhibber, President and CEO of BrighTex Bio-Photonics that manufactures the system.

This revolutionary medical equipment, which is to be launched in United States in September, is to be introduced soon after in India. It will be able to provide all technical details to the end user. The complete image analysis after passing the ultra-violet rays, which penetrates the skin to a depth of 2mm, helps the end user detect several details including oil moisture, elasticity, hydration level and bacteria, he says.

Using different algorithms, the system will be able to test 30 different skin tests and provide data, which will be of immense use to the dermatologist to proceed with his treatment.

"Our goal is to develop and enhance early detection of the disease and provide diagnostic tools through imaging, utilizing algorithms for signature analysis specific to the biosciences," said Mr. Chhibber, who was here to study the susceptibility of Indian market to health care products.

Basically an optical engineer from Punjab, Mr. Chhibber's experience in the field of semi-conductors stood in good stead when he shifted his attention towards production of quality health care systems.

The reliable diagnostics will help the end user to know how rough the skin is and the software lends itself to a comprehensive wrinkle analysis.In the next phase, the BTBP plans to introduce equipment that facilitates early detection of breast cancer. "The research part has been over. Probably by the end of 2006 we will be able to launch that equipment also, which will help detect breast cancer at an early stage", said Mr. Chhibber.

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