`Donor kidneys used'

Chennai Oct. 26. Both the kidneys of a donor were recently utilised--one at the Christian Medical College Hospital, Vellore, and the other at Chennai. The liver could not be sent to any hospital in Vellore, Chennai, Hyderabad or New Delhi, because the patient had a rare blood group, the CMC said in a statement.

Referring to a report "Donated organs go waste for want of patient database", the hospital said it was working with several institutions, including the MOHAN Foundation, to make the use and sharing of cadaveric organs possible under the Human Organ Transplantation Act of 1995.

The Head of the Department of Nephrology, Chakko K. Jacob, said when organs became available, the hospital enquired as to the availability of recipients, and retrieved appropriate organs only after ascertaining the position.

The cadaver transplant programme worked on public education, goodwill and altruism.

Dr. Jacob said since the cadaver organ transplantation became possible, there was an effort to make donation of organs possible at CMC, as also with partnering institutions, through MOHAN Foundation.

Where organ donation was acceptable to the family of the deceased, CMC Vellore bore the cost of the donors' treatment, and did not claim this from the recipient of the donated organ, he added.

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