DMK won't buy computer error plea

CHENNAI May. 29. The Chief Electoral Officer, Mrutunjay Sarangi, faulting computers for the mix-up in the Saidapet electoral rolls ``could not be believed,'' the DMK president, M. Karunanidhi, said today.

Had it been a computer mistake, the division numbers could not have been different in the entries. As the divisions were different and as the pages were different, the DMK would not accept the argument of computer error, he told presspersons here.

But since the CEO himself had accepted the mistake, the double entries should be removed and electoral rolls provided with the deletions. When the fresh rolls were made available, the DMK would check for mistakes again.

Answering questions, Mr. Karunanidhi said the argument that the deletions could not be carried out as the electoral process had begun was unacceptable. When his party earlier pointed to the existence of 1400 bogus voters a few days ago, the CEO removed them.

Chengai Sivam episode

On rescrutiny of nominations, Mr. Karunanidhi said the Election Commission had corrected its decisions in the Chengai Sivam case. (Mr. Sivam filed papers in all three constituencies for the May 31 Assembly byelections. In Vaniyambadi, though his nomination was rejected first, it was later found to be in order.) Mr. Sarangi was wrong in saying Mr.Sivam was not given the rejection order in writing. ``We have the written proof,'' Mr. Karunanidhi said.

(Mr. Sarangi claimed that the Returning Officer had only orally communicated to Mr. Sivam the rejection of his candidature).

`False case'

On the complaint against the former Transport Minister, K. Ponmudi, received by the police in connection with damage to a DMK office at Kotturpuram here yesterday, Mr. Karunanidhi said Mr. Ponmudi was with him in a van, campaigning from 5-30 p.m. It was clearly a foisted case. Only the DMK office was damaged and its supporters were attacked. There was no problem in the AIADMK office.

Mr. Karunanidhi said he came to know of the incident about half hour after it had occurred. The Union Minister, T.R. Baalu, who was with him, contacted the Police Commissioner, but there was no action. Then the Minister contacted the Director-General of Police, who acted on the complaint.

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