DMK threatened UPA Government, says Jayalalithaa

Special Correspondent

"The Centre had no intention of releasing more than the initial Rs.500 crore" Says DMK threatened to withdraw support if more aid was given without discussing with it

CHENNAI: Chief Minister Jayalalithaa on Wednesday alleged that the DMK had threatened to withdraw support to the United Progressive Alliance Government at the Centre if more flood relief aid was given to the State without discussing with the party.

Intervening in the motion of thanks to the Governor's address, Ms. Jayalalithaa said that the Centre had no intention of releasing more than the initial Rs. 500 crore. But after she met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, he announced the additional Rs. 500 crore in relief aid since he was aware of the flood situation in Tamil Nadu.

She said that even her trip was kept a closely guarded secret because she was sure that if news leaked even the trip might have been sabotaged. The newspapers reported her trip because someone from the security had leaked it, she added.

Immediately after the announcement of aid, the DMK chief spoke to the Congress president and wanted to know how the Prime Minister could make such an announcement when allies from the State were part of the Central Government. Why were the views of the allies not considered when the aid was given, he asked and had threatened to withdraw support if this happened one more time, she alleged.

Responding to a request from Jaga Veerapandian (BJP), she said that there would be no use staging an agitation in New Delhi to get what was due to the State. "The Prime Minister is aware of the crisis in the State (following the floods). But his hands are tied," she said and added that he had done all that he could.

Mr. Jaga Veerapandian, who resumed his speech on the Governor's address, said that everyone was aware that the DMK would not withdraw support to the UPA. Quick to retort, the Chief Minister said: "You know that and I know that. But the Congress in Delhi should also realise."

Ms. Jayalalithaa made it clear that the State would adopt all possible means to get the aid that was required for the rehabilitation of the flood affected.

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