DMK, JD members walk out of Bodi council meet

BODINAICKANUR, JAN. 28 . Mediapersons were not allowed to cover the meeting of the Bodinaickanur municipal council held today.

The meeting witnessed heated arguments, and the DMK councillors staged a walkout.

It may be recalled that the mediapersons were not allowed to attend the council meeting held two months ago.

The municipality did not give copies of the agenda for today meeting to the mediapersons.

All the entry points of the council hall were closed, and the police posted on the municipality campus. Presspersons were not even allowed to stand in the corridors.

The municipal chairman, A. Arunagiri, requested the police to give adequate protection for the meeting.

A similar ban was imposed on the fourth ward member, Murugan. He was not given a copy of the agenda. In a fit of anger, Mr. Murugan barged into the hall, and distributed sweets to the councillors for the acquittal of the AIADMK general secretary, Jayalalithaa, in the SPIC case. He also tabled a resolution, praising the Chief Minister and holding the DMK president, M. Karunanidhi, responsible for foisting a false case on her.

Immediately, the DMK councillors protested his remarks, and demanded that the references to Mr. Karunanidhi be removed from the resolution. The Janata Dal (JD) members also protested it. Later, the DMK and JD councillors walked out.

The AIADMK member, Sathyanarayani, wanted to know why the mediapersons were not permitted to attend the meeting. When the Chairman said they would be allowed to take part in the next meeting, she retorted: "You made a similar reply at the last meeting too."

The Chairman alleged that a section of the Press was putting out wrong reports about the municipality.

Later, the council passed 42 resolutions.

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