Disrupting Parliament

Sir, — It is unfortunate that Parliament is disrupted every so often. And the National Democratic Alliance is largely responsible for this. But it is strange that the Congress and the Left do not even admit that they started it in the previous Lok Sabha. We saw endless days of adjournments, rushing to the well and walkouts every time the Defence Minister, George Fernandes rose to speak.

Leaders, cutting across party lines, should come together and reach an agreement on ending such wastage.

T.P. Sampath, Gurgaon, Haryana

* * *

Sir, — It is surprising to see the Congress criticise the NDA for wasting the taxpayers' money.

The party adopted the same tactics to stall Parliament proceedings during the NDA regime.

N. Viswanathan, Chennai

* * *

Sir, — The Lok Sabha Speaker, Somnath Chatterjee's efforts to end the Opposition boycott have not helped much. Not only has the NDA not heeded his appeal it has also reminded him that the Left had stalled the House proceedings when in the Opposition.

V.A. Gangadharan, Thiruvananthapuram

* * *

Sir, — With politicians stooping so low, be it Cauvery or Ravi-Beas, it is a big question if India can remain one nation for long.

T.S. Mahalingam, Chennai

* * *

Sir, — It has become fashionable and acceptable among the political leadership and even the intelligentsia to justify corruption and tyranny in the name of electoral and coalition politics. Leadership is about leading and not following the masses. Gandhi called politics without principles a deadly social sin.

N.K. Raveendran, Bangalore

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