Digital adventure launched

It's digital technology at your doorstep. To familiarise people with the latest technology and its use, Samsung Electronics India Information and Telecommunication Limited has joined hands with the National Science Center here to bring technology close to those it seeks to ``touch''.

And the two have launched ``Digital Adventure'', a walk-through of digital technologies that seeks to provide a comprehensive platform which explains technologies, gives a hands-on experience of products of the futuristic digital era and showcases the usage possibilities of the future.

The interactive show is targeted at school children, their teachers, parents and society at large. It is aimed at ``widening their knowledge horizon and demonstrating to them the possibilities of using science and technology in education and their daily lives''.

In a professional techno look `n' feel and professional style, Digital Adventure will showcase the Information-Communication-Entertainment era of Digital Information technology products such as PC monitors, digital storage solutions, digital home theatre systems, multifunction printers, digital audios, mobile phones and semiconductors.

And to widen the knowledge of the visitors, it would go from explaining the basics of a PC to elaborating on new age communication concepts like IMT 2000.

The CEO, Visual Display Division of Samsung Electronics, G.S. Choi, said the ``Digital Adventure'' is an attempt by his organisation to share with Indian society the possibilities of digital technology and its importance in day-to-day functioning. ``Large corporates have a social responsibility of making technology simple and informative for the general public,'' he said.

Speaking at the launch, the Secretary in Department of Culture, N. Gopalaswami, said: ``In this world of global entrepreneurship, the importance and value of digital knowledge is growing by leaps and bounds. It is now accepted that one of the major conditions for a nation to succeed in its developmental endeavour should be its strength in science, technology and ability to invent new products and services for technologies of today and act as a window to the future.''

The executive director of Samsung Electronics, J.S. Jong, said his company would like to contribute actively to Indian society in improving its understanding of the digital technology of the future. ``As one of the largest Indian I.T./Telecom company, we shall try and fulfil our mandate of bridging the digital divide.''

By Gaurav Vivek Bhatnagar

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