Desalination will solve water scarcity: Swamy

CHENNAI SEPT. 6. The Janata Party president, Subramanian Swamy, today urged the Tamil Nadu Government to adopt desalination of seawater with the reverse osmosis technology to solve drinking water scarcity in Chennai and other parts of the State.

The technology had been successfully tested at Kalpakkam, where 45,000 people were now getting uninterrupted drinking water for the last one year. The Bhaba Atomic Research Centre had developed the technology, which could convert seawater into drinking water at a cost of Rs. 2.50 a litre, Dr. Swamy said talking to newsmen here.

With wider use, desalination could help Cauvery delta farmers get adequate water for irrigation, he claimed.

Charging that the National Democratic Alliance regime was confused on what to do on WTO (World Trade Organisation) issues at the forthcoming Cancun Ministerial meet, Dr. Swamy said it was time for the Government to realise that only market economy and globalisation could make India a developed country by 2020.

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