Deposit collection for restructuring drainage system

KANCHEEPURAM, FEB.26. The Kancheepuram municipality has decided to collect Rs.7.14 crores from residents, commercial establishments, and institutions in the town towards public share for carrying out restructuring of the underground drainage system at a cost of Rs.12.59 crores.

M. Ashokan, Commissioner, said today that the State Government would provide Rs. 3 crores as subsidy and the Tamil Nadu Urban Development Fund would give Rs.2.45 crores as loan.

The municipality had decided to collect a deposit of Rs.2.34 crores from 53 rice mills and 60 dyeing units (Rs.25,000 each), 89 marriage halls, 23 lodges and 36 hotels (Rs.15,000 each) and 14 cinema theatres and other establishments (Rs.10,000 each). Similarly, a deposit of Rs.4.80 crores would be collected from 23,657 houses and other buildings ranging from Rs.2,000 to Rs.5,000 each depending on the plinth area.

Mr. Ashokan said that after the completion of the drainage project it had also been decided to collect Rs.35 to 100 per month from the residential areas and Rs.100 to Rs.350 per month from the commercial and other establishments.