Deculturising them

Sir, - Kudos to the comprehensive and concise report `Marxist historians deculturising children' (Dec. 22). While congratulating the senior historians who addressed the press conference, I would like to request them not to confine themselves to `right wing'.

Whether `left' or `right', no citizen would like their children to be taught that Guru Teg Bahadur was a `plunderer', that he was `murdered' due to family feuds and that our Jat brothers were `plunderers'.

How does the Government propose to compensate the harm done to the psyche of the people during the last three decades by the demoralising interpretation of historical facts?

The general public may also like to know what steps the Government would take to see that no `eminent historian' is allowed to play with the nation's morale through their own interpretation of history.

Balram Misra,