Deadline set for improving facilities at government hospital

The government hospital attached to the Mundiampakkam Government Medical College here is beset with many problems relating to basic amenities, electric equipment, waste disposal and overall sanitary condition.

The mortuary is in bad shape as the air-conditioning facility has not been functioning and certain bodies have been kept beyond the stipulated period without disposal. The walls have developed cracks.

Based on the first-hand knowledge gained during the recent inspection of the hospital, Collector C.T. Manimekalai made these observations at a review meeting held with the medical officers here on Friday.

The Collector has set a deadline that all the mess should be cleared within a fortnight.

She put the onus on the local panchayat to arrange for cremation of the bodies that were lying unclaimed in the mortuary for a long time.

She pointed out that for the want of regular power supply, many pieces of electric equipment were not used and electric wiring was hanging loose at many places. Of the eight lifts provided in the hospital at a huge cost, only one had operator and the remaining ones were idling.

The medical officers' quarters were plunged in darkness because these were yet to get power connection even after a spate of requests made to the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board over the past several months.

Ms. Manimekalai pointed out that since the steam cooking system installed on the hospital premises remained non-functional, firewood ‘chulas' were used, causing soot deposits all over the buildings.

The Collector instructed the medical officers to seek a separate transformer for the hospital and meet the expenses from the hospital fund and also from the patients' welfare funds.

She said that the piling of garbage and medical waste on the hospital premises had started emitting foul odour. Lack of space for disposing the rubbish was cited as reason.

Therefore, the Collector directed the panchayat and the Villupuram municipality to work in coordination and find a suitable place for the safe disposal of waste.

Uncovered trenches dug for laying cables in front of the hospital, impeded the movement of ambulances carrying patients in critical condition.

She also called for speedy action to bring the second and third floors of the hospital to use.

Ms. Manimekalai called for installation of fire fighting equipment in the hospital and imparting proper training among the hospital staff about their operation. She categorically said that when she visits the hospital next time all the lapses should have been removed.

Medical Superintendent M.K.Neethipathi, Resident Medical Officer V.Radhakrishnan, Joint Director of Health Services K.Paranjyothi and Deputy Director (Health) K.Manoharan were present.