Cyber crime is mushrooming

K.T. Sangameswaran

CHENNAI: As he was chatting on the Internet with an unknown person, little did the youth realise he was being trapped. He could not resist the enticing words from the other end of cyberspace.

He thought it was a charming young woman. As directed by `her,' he went to the specified spot at Foreshore Estate. Only then did he realise that he had walked into a gang of thugs. It was too late. .

The gangsters disappeared in a flash with money and valuables.

A youngster working in a company at Chetpet spurned the love of a woman colleague. To take revenge on him, she sent a threatening message to a VIP and put him in trouble. The computer she used to send the message was traced and action taken against the woman.

A girl belonging to Nungambakkam received an obscene picture on her cell phone. She lodged a complaint with the police and it was found that the culprit was: one of her own relatives.

Credit card misuse

Stumbling upon a credit card, a person struck upon the idea of purchasing shoes. The purchase was for a staggering Rs. 30,000 from a popular footwear showroom.

In this era of Information Technology and computers, threats to individuals and normal functioning of commercial establishments can come in many forms.

These were only a few instances cited by Greater Chennai Police Commissioner R. Nataraj, while speaking on `Cyber crimes.' Fortunately, the cases were detectedhe said.

Be cautious while chatting with unknown persons, he reminded the public, particularly students. In some cases, it is embarrassing to the victims to file or pursue complaints as in the case of the Foreshore Estate and Nungambakkam incidents.

Remember that the cell phone, an electronic device, is covered by the Information Technology Act and action can be taken against those who misuse it. Do not give room for misuse, he said.

If you are not using it, shut down your computer to prevent misuse.

Above all, file complaints of cyber crimes without delay, the Commissioner said.

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