Crime inspector for all police stations

CHENNAI APRIL 9 . All police stations in Chennai will have a crime inspector, with the Tamil Nadu Government sanctioning 27 inspectors for stations, which do not have a separate inspector (crime).

Announcing this while speaking on the demands for the Police department, the Chief Minister, Jayalalithaa, said out of the 77 police stations in the city, only 50 had an inspector exclusively to deal with crimes. Because of this handicap, crime prevention and detection suffered. To correct the situation, 27 sub-inspectors would be promoted as inspectors. Wireless equipment and jeeps would also be provided.

Because of this, the Government would incur an extra expenditure of Rs. 1.35 crores.

Further, 231 additional posts of SIs would be created in the city. Each station would have two additional SIs for the law and order wing and one for crime unit. These extra posts had been sanctioned for crime prevention, speeding up crime cases, keeping under check rowdyism and improving law and order.

With a view to reducing traffic congestion in the city owing to increasing number of vehicles and for the effective implementation of MV Act and rules, 100 additional posts of SIs for traffic and 100 motorcycles had been sanctioned.

Light emission diodes (LED) retrofits and countdown timers would be provided for the traffic signal system at a cost of Rs. 1 crore. Guestrooms for the convenience of police personnel coming to the city from mofussil areas would be constructed on Isaac Street, near Waltax Road and on Jaffer Sarang Street near the Chennai Collectorate.