Creating awareness of breastfeeding

For 34-year-old Varsha Kiran, a resident of Chennai, one of the best gifts she received was a beautifully captured moment from her husband who took a picture while she was breastfeeding her three-year-old child. “Many women are misguided and stop nursing their child just 2-3 months after delivery. They fail to realise the bond it creates and also the health benefit the child receives from it,” she says.

Also a member of the Breastfeeding Support of Indian Mom, a women’s group, Ms. Kiran was a part of the the event ‘Dear Amma’ that students of visual communication from Loyola College organised as part of celebrating the ‘International Breastfeeding Week’.

Romila Sudhakar, an assistant professor at Loyola College, says, “We did everything possible — from meeting people to putting up posters and getting bytes from celebrities. We also had a piece of cloth (making it resemble the pallu of a saree) flying at various points like churches, autos and even at Valluvar Kottam,” she adds.

Not just women, men also need to support women in it, she says.