CPI(M) meetings: Manipulative tactics fail

ALAPPUZHA, DEC. 30. As the various area-level conferences of the CPI(M) near completion in the district with only that of Chengannur remaining, an analysis of party elections reveals that the manipulative tactics witnessed at certain places, reportedly done with the tacit support of the present district leadership, have failed to influence the outcome in any significant way. It seems that the delegates have asserted fiercely at the meetings.

Reports indicate that a section of leaders who owe allegiance to the present district leadership indulged in violence and fraudulent practices at several meetings. The area committee meetings at Aroor and Ambalappuzha had been cited as specific examples.

Complaints of misbehaviour by certain young leaders towards senior party leaders have been also reported. It is reported that a young leader of a faction shouted in a threatening manner at the senior party leader, Mr. P.K. Chandranandan, at the Ambalappuzha conference.

It is learnt that complaints had been filed before the State committee citing specific incidents of using money and muscle power and fraudulent practices to win elections. There had been complaints at the meetings that the State committee, except Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan, had not taken proper interest in the complaints filed before the committee.

But in spite of these, it is learnt that many of the middle-level leaders of the party against whom serious allegations were raised could not make it in the elections. Some of them chose not to contest. Party cadres and senior leaders opined that the outcome was the result of delegates asserting in favour of inner-party democracy.

Several leaders owing allegiance to the Leader of the Opposition, Mr. V.S. Achuthanandan, had to bite the dust in the elections. The election of the delegates to the district committee had to be postponed at Aroor following detection of unscrupulous tactics. Though the total number of delegates eligible to vote in the election of delegates to the district committee is 135, it was found that 141 votes had been polled.

Here the returning officer was Mr. K. Prasad, district secretary of CITU, who is considered loyal to Mr. Achuthanandan. In the re-election held later, the Achuthanandan loyalists were routed with those opposing them winning 21 out of 22 delegates to the district meeting.

At Kayamkulam and Charumood area committee elections, where Mr. G. Sudhakaran and Mr. V. Kesavan controlled the proceedings, the elections were reported to be smooth. Here the Achuthanandan faction was completely routed. In the party elections at Charumood area committee, all the 27 delegates who were elected to the district conference are opposed to the present leadership in the district. At Kayamkulam also, those who opposed the present district leadership swept the elections.

Complaints had been reported that the Ambalappuzha area committee elections were held with undue haste to ensure victory of the Achuthanandan faction. According to reports, the elections were held even as a delegate was hospitalised due to a sudden health problem and two other delegates accompanied him to hospital. Even then, it is learnt that those who oppose the present district leadership had the upperhand when results of the election of delegates came out.

Reports indicate that at the Kainakary North local committee conference, certain people who were not eligible to be elected as delegates were elected. It is learnt that the delegates vehemently criticised the activities and style of functioning of Mr. T.K. Devakumar, MLA, at several meetings. It is reported that the delegates questioned his links with certain groups engaged in liquor business.

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