Court verdict

With due respect to the judiciary, it has to be mentioned that stripping States of the powers for reservation in un-aided professional colleges will affect not only the socially backward class but also those with merit among the economically weaker sections. The Centre should think of another alternative instead of considering the enactment of new laws.

U.S. Iyer, Bangalore

* * *

The Supreme Court has come up with the best possible interpretation of our Constitution after listening to both sides of the argument. It is for the constitutional experts to work out an amendment to the Constitution or recommend a legislation that will help restore the reservation policy in admissions to various professional courses in the country.

S.R. Devaprakash, Tumkur, Karnataka

* * *

The court verdict should be viewed as the first step in dismantling the quota system. It is up to the private college managements to prove their commitment to the cause of social justice without government interference.

V.V. Veturi, Hyderabad

* * *

The ruling is unfortunate. The private "teaching shops" can never be expected to be fair as money-spinning is their main motto. The Centre should take urgent steps to reverse the ruling.

Ramesh H.R., Tumkur, Karnataka

* * *

The same politicians who approach the Supreme Court when their perceived rights are under threat now decry its unanimous judgment on reservation in private unaided educational institutions. How strange?

B. Natarajan, Chennai

* * *

Even with several restrictions many private colleges collect more than the stipulated amount of fees under various heads. Now, the Supreme Court ruling will give them unfettered freedom and the students from the disadvantaged sections will be affected badly.

V. Pandy, Tuticorin, T.N.

* * *

The abolishing of government quota in private un-aided professional colleges is a step in the right direction. If the Centre tries to enact legislation to overcome the judgment, it will send the wrong signal.

R.S. Ramalingam, Manjeri, Kerala

* * *

If the government quota in unaided professional colleges and minority institutions is specifically meant for the poorer sections of society then the reservation policy should be based on the economic status of a family and not caste-based.

Balaji. K, Coimbatore, T.N.

* * *

The court decision is welcome but a strict watch should be kept on these institutions by not allowing them to collect donations.

R. Ramachandran, Chennai