Course on palliative care for doctors, nurses

CHENNAI NOV. 6. Cancer may not be curable, but the pain of the patients suffering from the terminal disease can certainly be treated.

Thanks to advances in healthcare, especially in palliative medicine, management of the pain has made tremendous improvement with various methods of treatment.

It is, however, possible only by training doctors and nurses in the methodologies of administering painkillers and in the art of communication. The focus of the efforts will be to enable the patients to lead the rest of their life comfortably, considering that the doctors' responsibility is not only to cure, but also to relieve suffering.

These aspects and more will be covered during the six-day introductory course in palliative care for doctors and nurses, being organised by the Chennai Association of Palliative Care between November 10 and 15, according to Mallika Tiruvadanan. The programme, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., will be conducted at RYA Metro Hall, Saravana Mudali Street, T.Nagar.