Couple arrested for dowry harassment

CHENNAI OCT. 28. Personnel of the Ashok Nagar All Women Police station arrested a school headmistress and her husband on charges of dowry harassment at Tiruchi.

Kalavathi, the headmistress of Kendriya Vidyalaya and Viswanathan, her husband, a suspended Southern Railway staff, were taken into custody by a special police team, which went to Tiruchi, based on a complaint made by their daughter-in law, Rajeswari.

In her complaint, Rajeswari, a resident of Ashok Nagar, alleged that her in-laws had been demanding money from her ever since she married three years ago. While her husband, Mahesh, left for the US, she stayed with her parents-in law at Tiruchi.

She claimed that her family gave a huge sum of cash and jewellery to her in-laws during marriage.

However, soon after marriage and her husband's departure to the US, her in-laws started demanding more money from her to settle their debts, Rajeswari alleged.

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