Corpn. begins partial demolition of Shenoy Nagar health post

CHENNAI JUNE 26. The Chennai Corporation on Wednesday began the partial demolition of one of its own buildings at Shenoy Nagar as it felt that the building was unsafe for occupation.

According to senior officials, the health post developed several cracks in recent times. Reportedly, the excessive drawal of groundwater in the region had led to loosening of soil which in turn resulted in development of cracks in the structure. The building was constructed in 1965.

After an inspection of the buildings by the engineering staff, the Corporation commenced a partial demolition of "unsafe portions" of the buildings at around 3 p.m.

"Temporary arrangements have been made to accommodate the patients in other health posts," the Corporation officials added.

Rainwater harvesting as a hedge against depleting groundwater levels has been emphasised by experts, to avoid such a catastrophe befalling other buildings.

However, the Chennai Corporation is yet to launch any new initiative to cover public areas such as parks, playgrounds and temple tanks, where deep percolation structures have been proposed.

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