Sir, — Conversion simply means change. People get converted not only from one faith to the other, but also from one product to the other, maybe by the influence of advertisements in the media. If the highlighting of one's religious values, or spiritual values, results in a change of faith in another person, why an unwarranted alarm is raised?

The Tamil Nadu Government cites some conversions in Madurai as the only source of provocation which has compelled it to promulgate the anti-conversion ordinance and Bill. Even in that case, did any person from the group, who seems to have had a conversion of faith, complain to the police or judiciary about being forced or "allured" or cheated? Conversion can never be forced and if it is forced it would never be a conversion in the real sense and nobody needs to take any notice of such "conversions".

Reginald Prithiviraj,

Tirunelveli, T.N.

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