Controversy over SRC blows over

HYDERABAD, MARCH 4. The controversy over acceptance of the first State Reorganisation Commission by the Congress that threatened to cast a shadow over its alliance with the TRS blew over today.

This followed a clarification given by the AICC over a resolution it passed validating its demand for a second SRC. At a joint press conference with the APCC president, D. Srinivas, the TRS chief, K. Chandrasekhar Rao, said he was satisfied with the resolution. Both of them declared that "the fight to finish the TDP begins now."

The AICC resolution stated: "While respecting the report of the first SRC, the Congress party notes that there are many valid reasons for formation of separate State in Vidarbha and Telangana. However, the reorganisation of the existing States raises a large number of issues. The Congress party feels that the whole matter could be best addressed by another State Reorganisation Commission to look into all the issues involved."

The Congress and the TRS chiefs said there should no ambiguity henceforth over the matter and all efforts must be diverted to achieve the goal of defeating the TDP. They urged their respective party men to understand the spirit behind the resolution.

Significantly, Mr. Chandrasekhara Rao appealed to the CPI (M) to understand the socio-political dynamics involved in the issue and join hands to form a grand alliance.

"A major stakeholder in Indian politics, the Congress itself has respected the regional sentiments now. Please change your attitude towards us and realise the importance of TDP defeat to attain the goal cherished by people," he pleaded with the Communists.

Justifying the scaling down of its "firm demand to recognise the first SRC", the TRS president said the Congress had to resolve several contentious issues. Smaller States like Telangana, Bundelkhand and Harit Pradesh should become a reality soon. Both leaders expressed confidence that the TDP's designs to thwart the alliance would fail and warned against any dissidence in either party over the sacrifices to be made. They attributed the `success' of the talks to veteran Congress leader, G.Venkata Swamy, who was present along with former Congress MLA, T.Jeevan Reddy, and the Nizamabad ZP chairman, S.Santosh Reddy, and A.Narendra of the TRS.

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