Contest "divulges" tips for maintaining a healthy hair

Staff Reporter

MADURAI: In an attempt to wedge the growing gap between traditional and modern practices, a `healthy hair' contest was organised for women at an exposition on traditional Indian medical practices, `Ayush 2006,' which drew to a close here on Monday.

With the objective of promoting the use of herbal medicines among the current crop of youngsters, this contest attracted 26 participants.

S. Roja Ramani, a Siddha medical practitioner, and A. Siva Ma, a pharmaceutical manufacturer, were the judges.

Success in this event hinged on the density of the contestant's hair and its darkness.

The participants were also asked to "divulge the `chidambara ragasyam'" behind the health of their hair.

The judges contributed their bit towards spreading an awareness of herbal usage by coming out with indigenous cures for ailments such as baldness and hair fall.

The participant who drew a resounding applause was not a teenager but a 76-year-old who emphasised the use of `shikakai' for a healthy hair.

A team from Kollimalai Siddha Ashram gave a demonstration on Sunday evening to the public on oil bath.

Cookery contest

At a cookery competition the participants were asked to cook not the regular food items that dominate the day-to-day cuisine but for diabetic patients.

It was conducted on Monday and drew about 20 participants.

A `healthy baby' contest was also held on Sunday morning for children under the age of three years.

The mothers were quizzed on the child's food habits and lifestyle practices besides measuring the weight of the child.

They were also offered tips on a healthy lifestyle for their kids. Said the vice-chairman of the expo, S. Umapathy, "These events have definitely improved the awareness levels among the public about use of herbs in various walks of life."

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