Consumer Clubs in educational institutions soon

VILLUPURAM, AUG. 21. The Villupuram Collector, Ka. Balachandran, has said that Consumer Clubs would be formed soon in the educational institutions— in schools and colleges— in the district.

This proposal had been mooted to create awareness among the student community of consumer rights. There were 106 higher secondary schools, 155 high schools and 10 colleges in the district.

Each Club would have 50 members, and about 20 to 50 Clubs would be integrated under an institution or a social service organisation for carrying out coordinated works. The Collector said three best performing clubs would be selected for cash awards— Rs 3,000, Rs 2,000 and Rs 1,000 respectively.

At the State level, the club to be adjudged as the best would get a prize of Rs 5,000, he said.


Addressing the Farmers' Grievance Day meeting, the Collector called upon the farmers to take to jetropah cultivation in fallow land. In the first phase it had been proposed to raise the crop on 300 acres, for which the seeds would be procured through the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University.

In the government seed farm located at Kakuppam, the crop had been raised on five acres of land. From the third year onwards the crop would start yielding for the next 30 years.

It was estimated that the farmers cultivating this crop could get an annual income of Rs. 48,000 per acre of irrigated land, and Rs. 16,000 per acre of the rainfed land.