Construction of new buildings for GH begins

NAGAPATTINAM, MARCH 17. `Bhoomi puja' was performed on Wednesday for the construction of new buildings for the Government Hospital (GH) at a cost of Rs. 10 crores.

J. Radhakrishnan, Nagapattinam Collector, laid the foundation stone for the construction of `A' block at a simple function attended by Dr. (Capt) M. Kamakshi, Director, Reproductive Child Health of the Health Department and other officials.

The Collector said that the tsunami had damaged several buildings of the Government Headquarters Hospital here. He pointed out that after the tsunami tragedy, the Shanthi Mohan Trust in Chennai immediately donated Rs.three crores for the construction of new buildings in the hospital. The Directorate of Reproductive Child Health had contributed Rs.three crores and the Members of Parliament gave Rs. four crores from the MP's Area Development Fund.

Mr. Radhakrishnan said that it was decided to construct additional buildings (three blocks) with the Rs. 10 crores and pointed out that three new buildings and blocks would be constructed in the hospital.

The `A' block (maternity and family welfare sections) would be constructed at a cost of Rs. three crores provided by Shanthi Mohan Trust, the `B' block (surgical wards) would be built with the Rs. four crores from the MP's area Development Fund and the `C' block (out-patient ward, scan facilities, etc) would come up with the Rs. three crores provided by the Health department.

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