Constitution supreme

Sir, — Every citizen having faith in the Constitution must agree with your editorial of Nov. 8. Nani A. Palkhivala was charged with breach of privilege for publishing an article on `Misconception about legislative privileges.'

In the said article the Constitutional expert had concluded "One would have thought that forty years of freedom is a sufficiently long period to clear the anachronistic misconceptions about legislative privilege in India. A change of attitude on the part of our politicians on this subject is vital to the very survival of our democracy?"

No one can or should be permitted to silence the Constitution, which alone is supreme.

Revathy Dominic,

Tiruchi, T.N.

* * *

Sir, — The Congress spokesman, Jaipal Reddy, has aptly pointed out that the Privileges Committee should act as a shield and not as a sword.

P.S. Krishnan,


* * *

Sir, — I felt very agitated over the action against The Hindu, known for its impassionate outlook and impartial reporting. The functioning of governments is open to criticism. It is the bounden duty of newspapers to bring out the truth. Service to the people must be the true end of politics, not personal vendetta against the Press and the Opposition. People are supreme, not the politicians. Foisting cases against The Hindu cannot deter its mission with a vision.

K. Ramachandran,

Usilampatti, T.N.

* * *

Sir, — Readers of The Hindu were stunned at the crude blow to the freedom of Press by the way the police descended on its office on Nov. 7.

K.A. Viswanathan,


* * *

Sir, — The power to serve the people should be utilised properly instead of bothering about criticism — even if it is not well founded.

Tony Blair and George Bush face very strong opposition from a section of the press but they do not go about with warrants for the arrest of mediamen. Let good sense prevail.

Nalini Divakaran,


* * *

Sir, — The arrest warrant issued against journalists was highly deplorable. I am personally hurt as I strongly believe that The Hindu is synonymous with fair journalism.

P. Ramesh,


* * *

Sir, — Governments come and go but The Hindu has been in existence for 125 years now and will continue to be so for generations to come.

R. Subramanian,


* * *

Sir, — I am very unhappy to see that the fame and glory of the Tamil Nadu Police is fast becoming history. This was clearly proved by them when they intercepted N. Ram's car in Bangalore.

B. Jayakumar,

Kancheepuram, T.N.

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